This turned into a longer post than it was originally intended to be. There's an extremely short TL;DR at the end with a summary table. On sports day, I had a rather interesting conversation with a colleague. I tried explaining that our campuses are very different in NZ - we don't have sports grounds. Students... Continue Reading →


Travelling update

Hello again! I'm sorry for being absent. Internet has been intermittent. I have so much to catch up on - I haven't been reading everyone's wonderful posts for a couple of weeks! I'm spending some time in Chengdu just chilling out, and look forward to scrolling through the reader soon!

A short update

The semester is over. I said goodbye to my students, handed in their grades and packed up and cleaned my apartment. I'm currently at a hotel in Dalian, but will go to Tianjin tomorrow. From there to Beijing on Wednesday, and (some of) the rest of China shortly afterwards! The updates will be a little... Continue Reading →

Transient – cherry blossoms

This prompt made me think of the cherry blossoms that were around campus in spring. They were gorgeous, but short-lived. These photos were taken a week apart, on the 27th of April and 6th of May. You'll notice the second photo is not of the tree, but of the ground beneath it. But that's where... Continue Reading →


Our guide took us out in the boat at night to find other creatures of the Amazon rainforest. One of these was a caiman. He was very chill, and didn't squirm even when we passed him around. But he had that look in his eye: "if I were a year older, you'd all be so... Continue Reading →


While staying in the Amazon rainforest, we had a guide who took us out on the river to see wildlife. One bird in particular behaved exceptionally well for the camera.


Meet the Green Iguana. Well, they're not always green - that's just the common name of the species. Depending on their lineage, Green Iguanas can be red, blueish, orange, pink... Well, you get the idea. The name was poorly chosen. This fellow hails from the Peruvian rainforest. See the row of dots inside the legs?... Continue Reading →

What I’m up to

Hello. I thought I'd let you know what I've been up to lately. Most of it can be summarised in one word: exams. I have 9 classes of students, 4 of which I inherited only a few weeks ago. I spent some time organising the information from their previous teacher into something meaningful, and then... Continue Reading →

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