This is where the truly touristy adventures begin. A friend met me in Beijing and we went from there. Beijing will not fit in one post. The main attractions we saw were Tiananmen square and the Forbidden City, The Great Wall (Badaling section) and the Temple of Heaven. We also wandered into the old Olympic... Continue Reading →


Dates: 26 (evening) - 28 June I wasn't in Tianjin for very long. I took the opportunity to relax and wander a bit. Unknown to me, my hotel was in a former concession zone. When I arrived, I thought it all looked strangely European. After a quick online search, I realised that it was because... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Dalian

Before setting off to see all sorts of interesting things all over China, I stayed in Dalian for a weekend. Dalian's not a big tourist destination, but it can offer a nice lifestyle. It has random plant artwork (which I've since noticed is actually all over the place in China), nicely laid out streets, and... Continue Reading →


This turned into a longer post than it was originally intended to be. There's an extremely short TL;DR at the end with a summary table. On sports day, I had a rather interesting conversation with a colleague. I tried explaining that our campuses are very different in NZ - we don't have sports grounds. Students... Continue Reading →

A short update

The semester is over. I said goodbye to my students, handed in their grades and packed up and cleaned my apartment. I'm currently at a hotel in Dalian, but will go to Tianjin tomorrow. From there to Beijing on Wednesday, and (some of) the rest of China shortly afterwards! The updates will be a little... Continue Reading →

It’s a white person!

(and she's not Russian) I have mentioned before that the Chinese have a different sense of appropriateness when it comes to topics of conversation. I also said that I thought it was incorrect to say that Chinese have a different filter when it comes to personal questions. Well, I might have to contradict myself a... Continue Reading →

Sports day

Friday was sports day. The students have been practising for weeks - every morning and evening, groups would be practising in several places on campus. It was great to see what they've been working on, and to see all of the pieces come together. The day began with marching. Students from every department had their... Continue Reading →

Being a guest in China

I love the enthusiastic nature of Chinese Hospitality. When I arrived in China, I was treated as a guest. The thing that sticks in my mind is SO MUCH FOOD! When we were treated to meals out, there was intentionally far too much to eat. This is apparently a thing in China: give your guests... Continue Reading →

Qian Shan animals

I take photos of animals. It results in my battery going flat as I sit and wait for the animal to stop being so shy, but I just can't help myself. I saw two very cute little creatures when I visited Qian Shan. I stopped for a break in a flat area where there were... Continue Reading →

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