Brown-throated sloth

The sloth has been criticised for moving so slowly that algae grows on it. This isn't quite true.



Our guide took us out in the boat at night to find other creatures of the Amazon rainforest. One of these was a caiman. He was very chill, and didn't squirm even when we passed him around. But he had that look in his eye: "if I were a year older, you'd all be so... Continue Reading →


While staying in the Amazon rainforest, we had a guide who took us out on the river to see wildlife. One bird in particular behaved exceptionally well for the camera.


Meet the Green Iguana. Well, they're not always green - that's just the common name of the species. Depending on their lineage, Green Iguanas can be red, blueish, orange, pink... Well, you get the idea. The name was poorly chosen. This fellow hails from the Peruvian rainforest. See the row of dots inside the legs?... Continue Reading →

Peruvian rainforest – Birds and wasps

Let me tell you about the birds and the wasps and the.... Wait, that doesn't rhyme. All species experience selection pressure. This may make your mind think of genetic variation at first, but there is another kind of pressure: the pressure to behave a certain way. Behavioural adaptations are fascinating. Today, let me tell you... Continue Reading →

Salkantay trek – leafcutter ants

You've probably heard of these, but I really can't do them justice. Nothing quite compares to the surprise of seeing a line of leaves moving, seemingly of their own accord. And then as you peer closely, you see that they're being carried. We crossed paths with these industrious little fellows several times.

Salkantay trek – pretty flowers

What are these? My answer: not a clue. But they're very pretty, in a very nice arrangement called a racemose corymb. But these here are fuchsias! They are one of many species pollinated by hummingbirds. The nectar is at the base of the flower, which is free-hanging. Importantly, the stigmas are also placed near the... Continue Reading →

Flowers in Arequipa

Lots of flowers, everywhere you look. Did you know that the genetics which define most flowers are actually rather simple? Everywhere you look, you'll see ABC. It's really quite beautiful. But more on that another time. Have you ever looked at a flower and wondered why it looks the way it does? Why it's shaped... Continue Reading →

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