This little praying mantis is just so sweet, I can’t get enough of him (yes, it is a him – he has more sections on his abdomen than a female). He’s so small and young, he has no idea just how big and wonderful the world is. But I hope that since I saw him, he has enjoyed his little corner of it – I intend to enjoy mine.

IMG_4722 (2)
Hey, come with me!

Mostly my posts should fit into two categories: travel and biology, so I chose the name for this site to reflect this: life. Life has has a way of asserting itself in any environment (“bold”), and is never fixed but constantly changing (“changeable”). Join me as I continue to learn more about the living world – human and otherwise. I’m not an expert by a long shot; I have a huge amount of respect for those who dedicate their lives to investigating the edges of our knowledge. I, on the other hand, will content myself to sifting through their discoveries.


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