Sports day

Friday was sports day. The students have been practising for weeks - every morning and evening, groups would be practising in several places on campus. It was great to see what they've been working on, and to see all of the pieces come together. The day began with marching. Students from every department had their... Continue Reading →


Salkantay trek – FUNGI!

Look at some beautiful fungi, and learn about their role in the environment.

Travel tag

Thanks to Angela for tagging me. I enjoyed reading her answers to these questions. What is your favourite place that you have visited? As Angela has already said, Machu Picchu was incredible. It's so much more impressive than what you imagine from the pictures - it's not just a pretty sight, it used to be... Continue Reading →

Salkantay trek – funnel web

I'm enjoying learning from my photos! OK, so the focus of this photo isn't technically a living thing. It's a very cool web: a funnel web. There are only 3 families of spiders that make funnel webs: Agelenidae, Dipluridae and Hexathelidae. It seems that Hexathelidae prefer to live in burrows/ leaf litter and have a... Continue Reading →

Being a guest in China

I love the enthusiastic nature of Chinese Hospitality. When I arrived in China, I was treated as a guest. The thing that sticks in my mind is SO MUCH FOOD! When we were treated to meals out, there was intentionally far too much to eat. This is apparently a thing in China: give your guests... Continue Reading →

Salkantay trek – pretty flowers

What are these? My answer: not a clue. But they're very pretty, in a very nice arrangement called a racemose corymb. But these here are fuchsias! They are one of many species pollinated by hummingbirds. The nectar is at the base of the flower, which is free-hanging. Importantly, the stigmas are also placed near the... Continue Reading →

Upcoming posts

Very shortly, I will continue releasing photos of various things that I came across in Peru several years ago. I took some photos of interesting living things, and now I'm finally going to make sense of them. I could recount my time in the various cities, but I'm finding this more interesting. I'm not an... Continue Reading →

Flowers in Arequipa

Lots of flowers, everywhere you look. Did you know that the genetics which define most flowers are actually rather simple? Everywhere you look, you'll see ABC. It's really quite beautiful. But more on that another time. Have you ever looked at a flower and wondered why it looks the way it does? Why it's shaped... Continue Reading →


I went to Peru at the end of December 2013/ January 2014. Here begins a brief account of living things from the journey.

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